Monday, October 1, 2012

SPEEDTV's Robin Miller thinks Robin Miller should shut up with all the negativity

As a writer and former sports journalist, and at the very least being a person with a brain, I have found the last 3-4 years of Robin Miller's career quite amusing. For those who don't know, Robin Miller is one of the 9-10 writers who regularly cover the IndyCar Series. Robin has always been a good source of breaking info, kind of like an Adam Schefter for IndyCar. However, in the past few years as the # of media covering IndyCar is increasing, so Robin seems to be going the Fox News route of trying to say whatever is shocking necessary to get page views.

From reporting gossip or opinion as fact, or breaking out his own rumors without quotes or sources, to running articles the very rumors that he started. That's not all, because in 2012 he's also been appalled at the timing of his own articles; which I guess is why now we should not be all too surprised at the dismount, where he is now appalled by himself.

This has nothing to do with my opinion of IndyCar or anything of that matter, its just simply annoying to personally know professional sports writers who work their asses off day in and day out by some pretty damn strict standards; while Robin, for whatever reason, just writes whatever he wants to get the most page views and seems to have no memory whatsoever. Its, sadly, no different from the Fox News approach to political coverage, which is just as evenly matched for dumpster diving.

So to sum up things: If Robin Miller breaks a story days after the Indy 500 about team owner unrest snd ousting Randy Bernard even though all the owners deny it, its the owners who should be ashamed because he found out. But if SBJ runs an article naming a firm apparently being hired to do sale/purchase research then that's a pile of poo and Robin says this kind of stuff needs to stop! Robin's rebuttal here.

I don't disagree that media reporting on gossip without sources needs to stop, but I find it quite amusing the guy who started this whole story to begin with is now claiming that reporting on it needs to stop. Pot, kettle and all that...

I don't think anyone denies Robin has good connections and can break good stories; but I think more than a few times he's just a pawn being played for information leaks; and he is either unaware of it or is ok with being it. Frankly, as an IndyCar fan and one who follows the business side closely I agree the negativity does so much harm, but 2 things; #1 how Robin campaigning for less negative coverage qualifies as an article is beyond me... #2 One can only hope Robin remembers his own article here when he tries to run his next negative article a few months from now.