Thursday, January 31, 2013

Colin Kaepernick... as a Chicago Cub?

Although I picked the Baltimore Ravens to defeat the San Francisco 49ers this weekend, citing Colin Kaepernick's inexperience as a key reason, there is no denying his talent. I love this guy and think his future will be amazing if he avoids injury. Of course for Chicago Cubs fans, like me and Speedgeek, Super Bowl XLVII will be a little tougher to watch if Kaepernick does come through and lead San Francisco to victory. Imagine having that arm in our rotation...

The thought of Kaepernick in a Cubs uniform, throwing a baseball instead of a football, might seem strange. Yet it isn't completely outrageous. The Cubs drafted Kaepernick in 2009, hoping to convince him to sign and leave football behind. Hey, it worked for Jeff Samardzija!

It's pretty funny that the Cubs drafted a player based on his high school pitching and his college football action. But it's clear now that Kaepernick could've been a star in any sport he picked. It's just too bad it wasn't baseball.

Wednesday, January 30, 2013

Super Bowl XLVII: Grab Bag Sports Prediction

I know the only Super Bowl prediction we really need around here is my annual Tecmo Super Bowl prediction. However, I was having a hard time deciding which team I was going to play with this year: the Cleveland Browns (as the Baltimore Ravens, of course) or Joe Montana's San Francisco 49ers. As a New Orleans Saints fan, I tend to always root for the NFC, as long as Peyton Manning or Tom Brady aren't playing. Still, as much as I had to cheer against the Atlanta Falcons last week, I just can't imagine rooting for the 49ers, the most hated team in history as far as Saints fans are concerned.

So as shocking as it may be, I actually broke down and pulled out some statistics to help me pick my Super Bowl team. I evaluated seven categories: offensive passing, offensive running, defense against the pass, defense against the run, special teams, coaching, and recent playoff experience. Below I will analyze each category and list my winner.

Offensive Passing - Baltimore

Joe Flacco is currently in another world. In three playoff games, he has 853 yards, eight touchdowns, and zero interceptions. No offense to Colin Kaepernick, but Flacco is putting up Montana-like numbers right now. Anquan Boldin, Torrey Smith, and Dennis Pitta are all playing well, and Flacco's confidence in these receivers helps a lot. Kaepernick has been impressive for a first-year starter, averaging 248 yards with three total touchdowns and an interception in two playoff games. But I'll have to see him keep his composure in a Super Bowl before I give him the nod over a hot Flacco.

Offensive Running - Baltimore

This is easy. Frank Gore is really good, and he is part of the reason that his team is here. But Ray Rice is a top two or three running back in the NFL right now. Furthermore, Bernard Pierce is becoming a key part of the Ravens' running game, and he looks great. Rice has over 300 total yards in his three playoff games this year. While Gore has rushed for 209 yards and three scores in two games, I'm giving this category to Rice and Pierce. Sure Kaepernick is a threat to run, but his 21 yards against Atlanta show that he will not approach 200 every game.

Defense Against the Pass - Baltimore

The 49ers held Aaron Rodgers to 248 yards but then allowed Matt Ryan to pass for 396. The Ravens, on the other hand, have defeated Andrew Luck, Peyton Manning, and Tom Brady in this year's postseason, allowing an average of under 300 passing yards. If San Francisco finds itself down in the second half, its chances will decrease greatly. In their two playoff games, the 49ers have scored 35 second-half points (17.5 points-per-game average). However, the Ravens have allowed only 17 second-half points through three playoff games this year (a 5.6 points-per-game average). If the inexperienced Kaepernick falls behind, this game could get out of control.

Defense Against the Run - San Francisco

After allowing only 185 rushing yards in their two playoff games, this is the only category I have given the 49ers outright. I must point out, of course, that I believe Rice is way better than the running backs San Francisco faced when playing Atlanta and Green Bay. Still, Baltimore has allowed an average of nearly 130 rushing yards to three passing teams in the postseason. This category could be huge if Baltimore is in a position to attempt to burn some clock.

Special Teams - Baltimore

The teams are fairly even in the return game, but the difference to me is at the kicker position. I simply trust Justin Tucker more than David Akers, and this could be crucial. The Super Bowl is better today than it used to be, allowing more games to be potentially decided by kickers. Consider this: 23 of the first 31 Super Bowls (1967-97) were decided by 10 points or more. Essentially, it didn't matter who was kicking for your team, because they weren't winning or losing the game for you. However, in nine of the last 15 seasons (1998-2012), the Super Bowl has been decided by a touchdown or less. Four times since 2002, the game has been decided by a single field goal. It would be a great story if Akers comes through for his team with a game-winning field goal. But right now Tucker has the edge.

Coaching - Tie

This year, more than ever, you really can't pick a winner here. I like both of these guys, and they each deserve respect for what they have done with their teams. I'm looking forward to a great game, especially when it comes to coaching.

Recent Playoff Experience - Baltimore

This one is not even close, despite San Francisco's 3-1 postseason record over the last two years. While the 49ers watched the playoffs on television from 2003-10, the Ravens have reached the postseason nine times in 13 years. Baltimore has not missed a postseason since 2007, maintaining a playoff record of 8-4 during that time and 13-7 since 2000. Oh, and Ray Lewis wants another Super Bowl win.

I think it is pretty clear that, after careful consideration, I expect the Baltimore Ravens to win Super Bowl XLVII. Tecmo Super Bowl prediction coming soon!

Tuesday, January 29, 2013

Super Bowl XLVII: New Orleans Food and Music

Since Wedge and I are from New Orleans, I thought it might be helpful to post info for anyone who might be visiting the city this weekend for the Super Bowl. I don't know if any of our readers have a chance to attend the game. But if I can steer just one person in the right direction, then I've done my job. If Wedge has time, perhaps he can post or comment here with thoughts of his own.


If you are visiting New Orleans, obviously you know that you will be able to experience music everywhere you go. There are musicians on the streets who are better than people in our country's best orchestras. But with so many options, it could be overwhelming.

Below are my top five recommendations for this Friday and Saturday. If I were in town, these are the shows I would want to attend if at all possible.

1. Cowboy Mouth @ Family Gras (Metairie, La.) - Saturday, 1:20 p.m. - You'll have to venture out of the city just a few miles, but Cowboy Mouth is one of the best live rock bands of the last 20 years. The Family Gras event is always fun, and you'll be able to catch Mardi Gras parades and other bands like Big Bad VooDoo Daddy and Blues Traveler.

2. Soul Rebels @ d.b.a. - Saturday, 11:00 p.m. - One of my favorite local bands, the Soul Rebels are the best brass band around, in my opinion.

3. Davis Rogan Band @ Spotted Cat - Saturday, 10:00 p.m. - This guy is super-talented and can't be contained by any single genre of music. If you have ever seen HBO's "Treme," Steve Zahn's character is based on Davis, a consultant on the show.

4. Kermit Ruffins and the Barbecue Swingers @ Blue Nile - Friday, 7:00 p.m. - An example of someone who should be a household name, and he might've been in another era. One of the city's top trumpet players, he has appeared in quite a few "Treme" episodes as himself.

5. Dirty Dozen Brass Band @ d.b.a. - Friday, 10:00 p.m. - If you can't catch the Soul Rebels the next night, this is the next best thing. And yes, d.b.a. will be a safe bet any night of the week for great music.

Honorable Mention: The Kyle Turley Band will play Saturday night at The Tavern in Metairie. I've never seen his band, but we did sit next to each other in the theater watching Mark Wahlberg's Rock Star. As a sports blogger, I figured I had to mention this.


The ESPN people keep talking about all the great meals they're having at Brennan's, Commander's Palace, and other crazy places. But I'll assume that you don't work for ESPN, don't have a $300 per diem, and just want normal-people food at normal-people prices. You can't go wrong with any of these places.

1. Mothers (Poydras St.) - My favorite po-boys in town. Not the cheapest, but certainly one of the best.

2. Cafe Maspero (Decatur St.) - This is my favorite restaurant on my favorite street in the world. Everything is great: red beans, muffalettas, smoked sausage, jambalaya, po-boys, etc.

3. Port of Call (Esplanade Ave.) - Great hamburgers with loaded baked potatoes. I miss this place just as much as the seafood restaurants.

4. Mona Lisa (Royal St.) - Amazing pizza. If you feel bad for eating pizza while in New Orleans, just get the seafood pizza.

5. St. Charles Tavern (St. Charles Ave.) - Service is hit or miss, usually miss. But the food is great. I like the boudin po-boy and the Lafayette burger (burger topped with crawfish etouffee). The breakfast is good too.

Honorable Mention: If you find yourself on the north side of Lake Pontchartrain for any reason (maybe to tour the awesome Abita Brewery?), then definitely go to Bear's Grill and Spirits. This is my new favorite po-boy place. The seafood sandwiches are great, and I guarantee you will not be able to finish the roast beef.

One final note about food... Everyone talks about beignets, and they are excellent. But anyone in town for this year's Super Bowl is lucky enough to also experience part of the Mardi Gras season. This means king cake will be readily available, so definitely work some king cake into your beignet routine. I think someone needs to pass this tip on to ESPN people, because they seem to be missing out so far.

Monday, January 28, 2013

A Couple of Things I Missed

So after falling asleep a little early last night, I woke up to some crazy post-Blogathon news. Upon hearing these things, I thought maybe I was still asleep and was only dreaming. Yet the internet assures me that these things are both true.

1. Jackson Strong apparently showed up at the X Games with a snowmobile and was allowed to participate despite the fact that everyone knew he had no experience. To make things even crazier, he had a special move he wanted to try out. At the X Games!

This is insane, right? Remember when Michael Jordan tried baseball? There was a Spring Training, minor leagues, and ultimately failure. They didn't put him in the All-Star Game! This is from ESPN's site:

During Strong's first attempt at the trick, he crash-landed and saw his snowmobile continue to run when it hit the ground. The machine caromed into the crowd, eventually running into a fence before it was approached and turned off.

A spectator caught in the collision had his right knee evaluated on site before being released, according to X Games Medical. 

2. Jeff Saturday, NFC Pro-Bowler, SWITCHED TEAMS to snap the ball to his former quarterback Peyton Manning. What?? Imagine if Manning had been sacked and hurt on the play, re-injuring the neck, ending his career. This game is a joke, and this proves it. Can't wait for the MLB All-Star Game next year when they let Albert Pujols take a swing for the NL.

I don't have a problem with the gesture taking place in the Pro Bowl, because I know the game is ridculous. I do have a problem with the league pretending that this is a meaningful event in any way. This was, at best, a Minor League Spring Training move, bro.

Sunday, January 27, 2013

Blogathon 2013: Limerick #5

I'll say this about Alex Gurney:
His racing, it doesn't concern me.
But it's really not fine
That he grabbed my behind,
And so now I will need an attorney.

Hanging with the Famous Speedgeek

Barbeque, beer, and Blogathon.

I'm fairly useless when it comes to racing analysis down the stretch here. But I'm going to shoot for a final limerick before the checkered flag.

An Hour To Go

Now that Mike and I are coming out of a Martin's BBQ-induced coma, its time to settle in for the last hour of the race. We just had 1-2-3-4 nose to tail, and we're going to have the same plus some for the restart from yellow with about 50 minutes to go. This is about to get 20 kinds of awesome...

That's laying the smack down folks

From 7 laps down, the #60 car is now in the lead of this race with 1 hour to go. That's perseverance and hard work.

Quick Daytona 7/8ths Distance Post

Just a quick post here before Mike and the Clan Furious arrive with some delicious BBQ. We've got a good one on our hands here, with the top-3 nearly nose-to-tail (though Scott Pruett just sliced through the top-5 in the course of a half dozen laps and drove away in the #01), several other cars on the lead lap, and the #02 Ganassi car out of the race. In GT, we've got a wide open affair, with like 6 cars on the lead lap, with Porsche, Ferrari and Audi all represented. Only GX, which is still led by the #16 Napleton Porsche Cayman is a snoozer with three hours to go. This is gonna get great. Well, unless the #01 has some extra speed that we've yet to see, or if it runs problem free and heads off toward the horizon.

Anyway, buckle in. Three hours is a lot of racing to have left!

A Preview for Mike

And since Mike gave me a preview of what they'll be arriving with when they get to Casa de Speedgeek, here's a little beverage preview for him:

We should have just enough to get us through to the checkered.

We've reached the point of no nonchalantness

We're now just a few hours from the finish of this race and its pretty clear we've reached the point of no more non-chalantness from cars that go out of the race. In fact I think the scale goes something like this:

Out of the race with:

23+ hours to go (4pm-ish)
"man we put a lot of effort into this, it really sucks... lets go drink some beers and fly home before night time even comes"

20 hours to go (5-8pm-ish)
"This race was really just starting to get fun, we were dicing and getting into tit, its a shame so and so wasn't able to jump in the car yet"

17 hours to go (8-11pm-ish)
"man, screw driver X who made this dumb thing happen; we had a contending car; and night racing is getting to be so fun, I guess we're going to get some sleep and/or drink our sorrows away"

Exactly 11pm SPEED goes off air
"God damn fireworks, don't they know we're trying to have a damn race here!"

15 hours to go (11pm-1am)
DP drivers: "Those god damn GT cars need to get the hell off the track! why do they even allow other cars on the track, I will murder them... hold on a secon I'll be back, I'm going to go murder them now"

GT drivers: "Those DP cars are too damn crazy, all swerving and flashing their lights at us, and thats what caused me to miss the bus stop for the 15th time in a  row; don't they realize that..." (murdered by DP driver)

13 hours to go: (1am-3am)
"hah did you see that green car out there, it looks so silly like a giant booger, and my teammate, man he farted in the car before I got it so I'm happy to get awa yfrom all this crazy stuff"

11 hours to go (3am - 5am)
"What yeah it sucks, that umm... stuff.. that was broken by... sleep... car bad stuff can't believe things happened.. we win I think good yes double ferris wheel 360..." (falls asleep)

7 hours to go (5-7am)
"We can't see a damn thing out there with this fog so I'm kind of glad we're out; I mean the car was doing good, night was fun but that fog is some serious craziness, I can't even see the ferris wheel any more."

5 hours to go (7am-10am)
"Son of a bitch! I just wasted my last day and a half, I could have been sleeping god dammit! stupid car, stupid other cars, I hate all of you"

3 hours to go (11am - noon)
"we were sooooo damn close, holy crap I'm going to go drink a whole keg of beer, I can't believe we made it all the way to now only to have blah happen; its f'n ridiculous how much effort we put into this.."

1 hour to go
"F you! F all this stuff, why the F did we do this for so long"

30 minutes to go
"baaahhh!!!!" (crazy throwing stuff)

BBQ Time

Heading out to catch the end of the race at Speedgeek's house soon... with some of this...

Blogathon 2013: Limerick #4

Once Felipe Albuquerque
Flipped out and attempted to hurt me!
But taking my chances,
I stalled his advances
With shoes and a piece of beef jerky.

Crazy Captcha

So during Blogathon, we post too many times for Blogger's comfort. It thinks we're spambots and starts to use the hated captcha to make us jump through hoops in order to post. This year, in addition to the crazy words containing letters that overlap and are difficult to read, they added a picture of numbers. This example actually isn't bad. The previous two were ridiculous.

Here's the next one that popped up...

1,000th Post Coming Soon

We might reach the 1,000th post in Furious Wedge/Grab Bag Sports history today. We're about 25 away. That's pretty exciting.

In other news, captcha is out of control this year! I'll try to post an example.

I'm a driver leaving the pit...

What's that? A hose? A wall? A human? Whatever, I'm gonna hit it.

Falling Apart

Ivan Bellarosa's car is literally falling apart on the track. Things are just flying behind him. I kind of like it.

I don't feel up to this...

This guy just told his team to get him out of his car because he doesn't feel up to this. What?! You think I felt "up to" watching Kart Racer at 1:00 a.m. on Saturday night?  Suck it up, Sally. This is Blogathon.

This is why you don't sleep on the Daytona 24hrs

I'm confused by the reports they gave on TV, did the 02 Ganassi get knocked out of the lead because Jamie McMurray was essentially texting while driving out of the pits and hit a wall?

Has there ever been a better sports to life example of paying attention while you drive and not playing with knobs?

The only annoying part of the Manti Te'o story

Its not the story itself, its not people jumping to conclusions, its not the lying from Manti, his dad, its not the media still refusing to give Deadspin the credit they deserve...

The media and everyone covering this story REALLY need to stop referring to Lennay Kekua as if it were a real person.

they're all like, "Then Lennay called Manti" or "later after her car accident.." "then she passed away..."No idiots, no one died, no girl called Manti, stop talking about a fake person as if they are real!

They should be saying "Then Ronnie tuiasuoppo called Manti and pretended to be a girl," "Then Ronnie told Manti she had a car accident" "Then Ronnie told Manti she was dead... somehow..."  That last part is still the part of the story I really don't get.

How did Ronnie tell Manti she died, how'd he pull that off and convince Manti without any obituary, or being about to email him an "I am dead" message?

Current TV Options

So, Truck U was about the best thing we could find. There was another fishing show on the Sportsman Channel (that's a real thing). There was a show called Carnivore (real thing) on the Pursuit Channel (also a real thing) that my son would absolutely not let me watch because they were hunting coyotes in Mississippi. Now, if I had known about the coyote population of Mississippi 18 years ago, I might've attended college elsewhere. But more importantly, guys, there's a channel called PURSUIT. A hunting channel.

Other than this there were some basketball replays on a few other channels,some informercials on most other sports channels, and Ray Lewis TV on ESPN networks.

Race is back live in four minutes.

Car Crazy and Truck U

Took a quick nap after tennis, happy that my post about not caring who wins was actually the turning point that led to Djokovic's victory. My son and I are checking out some crappie fishing show. It's not a crappy show at all, they're just in Tennessee and are catching mostly crappie. (Funny that whenever we go to try and catch crappie ourselves, our trip is usually pretty crappy. Maybe I need a new spot this spring...)

Anyway, we were also checking this Car Crazy show on Speed, which was followed by Truck U. It's easy to see why they couldn't have race coverage right now. These shows are very important to race fans, who I am positive would much rather watch this than a live event featuring some of the best drivers throughout various racing leagues.

Well, it's Blogathon and we want sports. Time to find our other options.And by other options, I mean sports television that does not feature Ray Lewis interviews, which is what ESPN will be airing for the next week.

Soo... Windows 8 is fun

So I got a new computer and decided, what the hell, lets try Windows 8 with this one. It actually hasn't been that bad getting to know it but Twitter better come up with a Windows 8 app quick, because all these 3rd party tweeting apps for 8 suck. I've lost like 30 tweets over the course of blogathon.

Step 1: type it out, hit tweet button, watch it not post to the internet, repeat process.

...Step 2: beat head against wall

New Orleans Pelicans: Alternative Names

So if you think the Pelicans is not a good choice for a team mascot, there are other options. While the team apparently also considered names like the Mosquitoes and the Swamp Dogs, I have some other ideas that would have also been appropriate.

1. New Orleans Politicians - You'd get a lot of wins by forfeits with this name. Opponents would know for a fact that this is a dirty, corrupt team, and no one would want to come play them.

2. New Orleans Seafood - It's the best. Like our basketball team (should be).

3. New Orleans Floods - You don't think this sounds intimidating? You should take your most cherished belongings, including any family pictures that might not be backed up digitally, and place them on the first floor of any home in the flood zones for an entire hurricane season. Your stuff might be fine! You never know. Of course, Tulane knows what's up and grabbed the Green Wave a long time ago. But it's actually more of a Muddy Brown Wave.

4. New Orleans Daiquiris - You can't possibly imagine how great it is to drive up to a little aluminum shack and be handed a delicious frozen alcoholic beverage without even getting out of your car. Fast food for fun people, that's what it is. And now I want one. This could be the coolest team name in the history of sports.

5. New Orleans Jazz - Oh wait...

Headed for Another Five-Hour Match?

These guys (Djokovic and Murray) are both really just too good. They are each at a point in their careers, where if they are both healthy, their matches will always be like this. I actually feel fortunate to be able to watch two great athletes who are equally talented and also equally respectful of each other. Men's tennis seems (to an outsider, at least) to have a sportsmanship thing going on right now that is unrivaled in some other sports. And while I don't necessarily want Saints defenders having a beer with Matt Ryan the night before a game, this is quite different from the current display of trash talk and (often unjustified) conceited attitudes from many of our athletes in team sports.

There are some examples, of course, like the story from a couple of weeks ago when Peyton Manning and Ray Lewis shared a moment after their playoff matchup. But those are rare.

As Djokovic takes the third set to go up 2-1 now, I honestly don't care about this particular outcome. These two will trade wins over the years, but most of the matches will be exciting to watch.

Top Five Athletes: Current Sitcom Characters

If I had to put together a starting basketball line-up consisting of current sitcom characters, these would be my top five athletes.

1. Jim (The Office) - We've already seen him ball it up way back in Season One. Plus he made that football movie with George Clooney. Sure it was a different character, but it still helps him make my team. (Note: If you saw Daryl kill the fish last week, you know he won't make my team.)

2. Andy (Parks and Rec) - Caught a touchdown pass from Andrew Luck last week. Good size, good dude. He needs to be on the team.

3. James Van der Beek (Don't Trust the Bitch in Apartment 23) - Probably not the best shooter, but the man mastered his routine for Dancing With the Stars. I like his footwork and his confidence.

4. Cam (Modern Family) - My round mound of rebound, I'd be counting on him to pull the ball off the boards.

5. Marshall (How I Met Your Mother) - Played sports in high school and currently has a team in a league after work. He'd be my top scorer for sure.

Anyone I missed?

Murray Is in Control

Djokovic seemed to have that first set, but Murray fought back and won it on a tie-breaker. It seems like Murray is content sitting back and letting Djokovic make errors. I'm hoping he stops making so many mistakes, because he kind of beat himself in that set. We're 1-1 in the second set now.

Funny Interviews About the Lakers

"When it comes down to it, where are we gonna see when the champions come?"

This looks like me golfing.

One time I went golfing with Wedge, who is actually pretty good. I hit some balls with the clubs, missed on a few swings, threw some when I got tired of missing, wrecked the golf cart, and then abandoned it somewhere around 12th hole when it broke down. But mostly, I looked something like this.

Blogathon Halftime

So we're right at the halfway point, and I wish I had some racing analysis to offer. It does look like Allan McNish is staying close. I kind of like him and have now used his name in two Blogathon limericks.

So far we've had some great basketball in addition to all the other sports we've been watching. We played Mario Kart, and I even came in second place a couple of times. And now Djokovic and Murray are finally about to start.

Randy Quaid Denied

Don't give up Randy! Follow your dreams, just like you taught me that time when I watched Kart Racer.

Final Thoughts About Kart Racer

Again this is coming from someone who chooses to watch bad movies on a regular basis, but  I would rate Kart Racer somewhere around a 3 or 4 out of 10.  It is not good by any stretch of the imagination. But if you like formula stuff, then you could do worse than this.

I had a lot of fun with this and am happy that we have added this to our Blogathon events. In fact, while I'll keep the racing theme for Blogathon each year, I will also start mixing in other movies throughout the year. If people want to join in and watch along with me, it could be even more fun. Blog comments would be great and maybe eventually we could have a Google Hangout session going on as well. But for now, I'm fine with just watching a sports movie and posting my thoughts on the blog. So if you have any suggestions for my next movie, feel free to let me know. I don't think it works well with good movies. But anything funny, or low budget, or just plain bad could be a good candidate for the next GBS movie.  I'll post more details next month.

People won't believe the beauty of their dreams...

But I do. You know why? Cause I watched Kart Racer.

And now I'm gonna go pee and get ready for some tennis.

Just a lot of racing now

The father-son hug fests are over, and now we're just racing. We had the qualifying, then the race, and now a weather delay forcing a six-lap shootout. "Should the engine be smoking?"

This is clip nine on YouTube, so the kid will be getting his win soon. The top guy offered his spare engine so he could "beat the best on the track." Such a great guy. I'm sure Pruett and Dixon would do the same, right?

Davies' Donuts

That's what they call this special 360 move. It's a whole thing where the kid finds another reason why his dad is so great. But now I just want donuts.

You have to believe me...

Watching bad movies is a hobby of mine. I have seen movies shot on no budget using family and friends as cast members. But this girl, Amanda de Martinis, is possibly the worst actress ever. This movie is not much different from those crazy church films, like Facing the Giants or the recent Kirk Cameron stuff, but it is at least mostly watchable. However, her scenes bring it down. She isn't even necessary. You should watch this movie just for her acting.

By the way, let's not forget...

They're racing KARTS. Randy Quaid just accepted a challenge from his son, and he had to climb on this little thing that was smaller than a Power Wheels.

You can be the best of the best...

Randy Quaid took the entire length of a bad montage to turn from a grumpy jerk to Dad of the Year. This is inspiring stuff. My seven-year-old is crashed next to me after a long night of Blogathon activities, but I'm about to wake him up and build him a damn kart.

Harland Williams

For some reason, the IMDB page has Harland Williams buried on the list of actors, but he was a pleasant surprise.

An unpleasant surprise just came in the form of a terrible montage, set to some awful Days of the New or something like that. What kind of movie has such a stupid montage in the 45 minutes?

I just want to get out on the track...

"...and see how I stack up."

"You want to hit the wall, go ahead."

This kid rules racing video games. So he'll obviously be awesome. My Triple Play '98 skills are a definite indication of my true baseball abilities.

The whole arcade is going nuts. "I don't believe this!"

At least the Relient K song is cool.


Some of the best kart racers in the world are in town testing karts or something like that. Happens all the time. To KART RACERS.

Randy Quaid

He's just a normal dad...who happens to be the NASCAR ENGINE BUILDER OF THE YEAR. I'm sure that's not a real thing.

But man, this girl is the worst. Forget that she's a punk chick suddenly interested in a kart racer. It's some of the worst acting I've ever seen.

Bike vs. Kart!

The guy on the bike is like me, as Bowser, using the Flame Runner. He just kicked the kart, sending the kart off the road and right through a wedding. And into a school (?) with a dancing janitor! And into a pool. This is crazy. Except when I try to bully people on the Flame Runner, I end up wrecking myself instead.

This movie will be terrible.

And why are people always spray-painting stuff?

Mario Kart Recap

So, yes, Mario Kart definitely happened. Given that it's been almost 2 years since the last time I played, I think I did awesome. I didn't win any of the 8-10 races I did (IT issues limited my racing time...OK, really it was me being dumb), but I scored one top-5 and managed to finish last just once. Allen and Mike were awesome, though. I'll leave their actual win records to everybody's imagination.

Time for bed. Everybody enjoy some Kart Racer! And some Quaid!

Kart Racer time

Kart Racer (2003) is available for free on both Hulu and YouTube. Hulu wasn't working great for me, so I'll be watching it in clips on YouTube. I'll start right at 1:00 a.m. EST and will be posting my thoughts here.

Saturday, January 26, 2013

Superheroes get free donuts!

Ok so thus concludes a night of UFC fights. Here's what I've learned. Demetrious "Mighty Mouse" Johnson could probably fight 50 rounds if he needed to, that dude is probably going to be champion for a while just because his opponent can't keep up with his 100mph speed 100% all 5 round style.

Glover Texeira put a very safe but dominant route to likely ending Rampage Jackson's time in the UFC.

Anthony Pettis is going to get a rematch with Benson Henderson, but moreso, he proved that the showtime kick technique off the fence is no fluke, as he took Cerrone down with a combination starting on a flying knee off the fence. I honestly never thought I'd see Cerrone go down in the first round of a fight, he has a good chin, but he does go into some fights careless, but in this case Pettis just landed a great unblocked kick to his side.

Poor, poor Eric Koch... Dude was scheduled to fight for the championship against Jose Aldo until Aldo got injured, then they rescheduled and just before the fight he got injured, and then he ran into one giant setback in Ricardo Lamas tonight.

the last thing I learned... when you Google Mighty Mouse, you find out that apparently the old cartoon mouse was drawn as hopped up on drugs...

Daytona 24 Hours - At 1/4th Distance

We're just now a quarter of the way through the 24 Hours of Daytona, and while it's been sort of a chaotic race (as it tends to be, really), we've got some general storylines:

- As somewhat expected, Ganassi is the team to beat. All of the non-BMW engined teams have been talking about how they can't come close to touching the BMWs on the straights. That said, for all the complaining, and even given the fact that the Ganassi cars have led 142 of the first 192 laps, there are still five Corvette DPs and two Ford/Rileys either on the lead lap or one lap down. This still feels wide open to me. Well, unless the Ganassis have another gear we have yet to see...

- GT has been a more wide open affair, with laps led by Porsches, Ferraris and the Stevenson Camaro. At the moment, among the cars in the top-10, there are two Ferraris (running 1-2), five Porsches and three Audis, and all appear to be on the lead lap. This one is a long, long way from over.

- GX has played out almost exactly as most (myself included) figured: the Porsches have dominated, with the Napleton #16 Cayman out front for most of the day (leading 157 of the first 169 laps), and the Mazdas all broke before two hours were up. There may yet be a good intramural battle in this class, but there are only three cars left with 18 hours to go.

More in a few hours!

What has IndyCar started!?

And I mean that in all the best ways for sports fans. IndyCar is the first I can really remember putting split screens up for commercials so folks don't miss the action. NASCAR occasionally picks it up and now it looks like the UFC is doing it in between rounds for the main event fights. Its a good sign for sports consumers. Sure we listen to the commercials but that doesn't mean we're paying attention. Its just a good option and that's what fans want, the option to continue paying attention to their sport.

New Orleans Pelicans

I mentioned this on our podcast, but I have now heard several times since then about how the New Orleans Pelicans is a "stupid" name. Like I said on the podcast, if you aren't from New Orleans, it won't make sense. And that's fine. The name isn't for you, just like the Cleveland Browns' and Houston Texans' names/mascots are not meant for me in any way. No offense, but it kind of doesn't matter what you think. Tom Benson knows that the name is significant to local residents, yet another example of what makes him an effective owner. He is loyal to NOLA residents and knows how loyal they are to him.

As far as a name being "stupid," I'd like someone to defend 76ers, Lakers, or even Saints as a more "intelligent" label.

Best part about Fox using NFL theme music for UFC

Is when there are technical difficulties and the announcer is trying to talk and the music won't stop... so much that they have to cut to commercial, haha

Blogathon 2013: Limerick #3

This yellow flag slowed down the racing.
Now all of this time is a-wasting.
And here we all sit
Just watching cars pit
And continue their slow McNish-chasing.

Top Ten Premature Celebrations

There's even some racing stuff here, guys. Mark Martin is still my favorite because he was on the Winn Dixie cola cans.

I have all kinds of channel flipping going on right now

Racing and then UFC fighting, back and forth... once Nascar starts I won't need to switch channels to see both

Sweet Water - Blue


Missed goal

I've played soccer like twice, and I was terrible. But even I could've made this goal.

Best Highlight Reel Ever

Are you a college football fan? You should get your team's coach to check out this kid's highlight reel!

OK, so this is fake, right? Supposedly the kid made it himself for college recruitment purposes. However, I refuse to believe that. I think (A) he made it as a joke, (B) a disillusioned parent made it, (C) a coaching staff made these for all players and didn't want to exclude anyone, or (D) other kids made it to be mean.

I'm not trying to laugh at a kid who is probably better than I would have been. But regardless of its origin, this video is great.

Jeroen Bleekemolen

To paraphrase Bob Dylan, his bumper, my friend, is blowin' in the wind...

Blogathon 2013: Limerick #2

We've all heard the tale of Scott Mayer,
Whose son was a great guitar player.
Scott says he is proud,
But he likes music loud
And he wishes his son was in Slayer.

This just in...

A golf weather delay is as boring as it sounds.

Blogathon 2013: Limerick #1

I knew a guy named Allmendinger.
He wasn't a very good singer.
But he sang, nonetheless,
So his wife, like you'd guess,
Had to cover each ear with a finger.

Daytona 24 Hours - Speedgeek's Last Second Picks

Only time for a few last second picks from me. Here goes:

DP Winner - #2 Starworks Ford/Riley

GT Winner - #23 Alex Job Porsche GT3 Cup

GX Winner - #16 Napleton Porsche Cayman (also, the sun will rise in the East tomorrow)

More in a little bit. Enjoy the race, folks!

Happy Blogathon!

Starting off a little something like this...

Thursday, January 24, 2013

2013 Daytona 24 Hours - Daytona Prototype Class Preview

So, it's come to this. After two (not so) epic posts previewing the GX and GT classes in this year's Daytona 24 Hours, we've worked our way to the premier class, Daytona Prototype. This year's DP entry list is a good sight healthier than the 12 cars that we had last year, but 17 is not so many that I can't touch on all of them. As is my custom, I'm putting semi-nonsensical odds on all the teams. They won't add up. I'm way too lazy for that. Here goes.

Two Words: No. Way.

#27 BTE Sport Ford/Riley - I've never heard of this team before (they don't even have an entry on GrandAm's website), and I've never heard of two of the drivers (a pretty mean feat, since for my All Racing Fantasy League, I've scored every single driver who has even been entered for a single GrandAm/ALMS/WEC race in the last five years). That adds up to an absolute running ceiling of about a 10th place, in this company. Odds - 200 to 1.

#50 Highway to Help BMW/Riley - This team was notable last year for including Bryan Johnson, lead singer of AC/DC. This year, Bryan's not on the entry list, and has been replaced by Frank Beck (a push? I don't know, I've never heard of Frank Beck before), and Elliott-Forbes Robinson has been replaced by Ian James (possibly a push, though EFR's had much more success in his decades-long career). Beating the other 16 cars in class? Nope. A top-10 after 24 hours would be a victory. Odds - 200 to 1.

Planets and Universes Would Have to Align

#8 Starworks Ford/Riley - While Starworks is certainly a more than capable team, at press time, the only two nominated drivers for the #8 car were Ivan Bellarosa and Scott Mayer. For further thoughts, please refer to the Blogathon preview podcast. Maybe this changes if the team nominates Tom Kristensen and Alexander Wurz for the other two seats, this number changes, but until then... Odds - 100 to 1.

#43 Team Sahlen BMW/Riley - The Nonnamakers are long time stalwarts in the GT class, running a fleet of Mazda RX-8s. This year, they've stepped up to DP with a two-car effort. This car has the older fellas in it (average age 54 years and 8 months). This car won't climb the podium. Odds - 75 to 1.

This Field Is Too Good

#6 Michael Shank Racing Ford/Riley - Yes, these guys nearly made me look like a dope last year, after I gave them 75 to 1 odds, only for them to finish 3rd overall and on the lead lap. Yes, all of the young guys kept out of trouble and wound up on the podium. But, yes, the rest of the field is just as strong, if not stronger than it was last year. Can Chris Cumming, Jorge Goncalvez, Michael Valiente and Gustavo Yacaman run the table again for 24 trouble-free hours? I say no. Odds - 40 to 1.

#77 Doran Racing Ford/Dallara - Colin Braun, Paul Tracy, Dr. Jim Lowe and Jon Bennett are a fine driver lineup. Finer than those below? Afraid not. Odds - 40 to 1.

Not Entirely Out of the Realm of Possibility

#42 Team Sahlen BMW/Riley - The faster of the two Sahlen cars, due to the presence of the younger (and faster) Wayne Nonnamaker and Mazda Road to Indy refugee Dane Cameron (making up the Dane and Wayne Show, who we will hear more from before the end of the year). Add in budding IndyCar superstar Simon Pagenaud, and you've got the recipe for a car that runs 7th to 8th for the early running, then chips their way up to the top-5 by midnight. Can they stay there until the end? That's the $64,000 question. Odds - 30 to 1.

#3 8 Star Motorsports Chevrolet Corvette DP - My first truly controversial pick. How can I put nine teams above one with a driver lineup that includes the lightning fast quartet of Anthony Davidson, Pedro Lamy, Nicolas Minassian and Stephane Sarrazin? Easy. Because Enzo Potolicchio's guys are no longer associated with the incredibly capable Starworks Motorsports. Yeah, I know new teams have won this thing before, and I know the 'Vette is fast, but I just have a hard time seeing it. Especially when we haven't talked about those top-9 yet... Odds - 25 to 1.

Now, We're Getting Somewhere

#90 Spirit of Daytona Chevrolet Corvette DP - This team had a coming out of sorts last year, with race wins (their first in GrandAm) and Richard Westbrook running in the top-5 of the DP championship for a while, so I have upgraded their odds from last year (when I had them going off at 20 to 1). Even so, they had enough problems over the course of last season that I still can't see them as a true favorite yet. Odds - 20 to 1.

The Contenders

#5 Action Express Racing Chevrolet Corvette DP - No weaknesses in the cockpit (Joao Barbosa, Christian Fittipaldi, Brian Frisselle, Felipe Nasr and Nelson Piquet Jr.) and it's a 'Vette. Yet you just can't put them quite in the equation with some of the teams below. No matter, they'll be there well into the morning hours, it's just a matter of if they've hit any trouble overnight (this is about to get very repetitive...). Odds - 15 to 1.

#9 Action Express Racing Chevrolet Corvette DP - See above, just substitute in Burt Frisselle and Mike Rockenfeller for Brian, Nasr and Nelsinho. Copy. Paste. And no, that's not a typo. Odds - 15 to 1.

#10 VelocityWW Chevrolet Corvette DP - The former Suntrust Racing team, led by Wayne Taylor, this team always seems to hit trouble at Daytona. Max Angelli returns, Ricky Taylor has been swapped out for brother Jordan Taylor, and 2012 IndyCar champion Ryan Hunter-Reay has been added. Speed will not be the problem, seeing the checkers will be. Sometimes you eat the bar, and sometimes...well, the bar...he eats you. Odds - 15 to 1.

#99 Gainsco /Bob Stallings Racing Chevrolet Corvette DP - Another snakebitten team that does not lack for speed. Jon Fogarty and Alex Gurney are the (very fast) furniture at this team, and Memo Gidley and Darren Law are along for the (very fast) ride. Again, do they manage to avoid disasters, even the ones not of their own making that seem to snatch them up every year? Odds - 15 to 1.

#60 Michael Shank Racing Ford/Riley - Yes, yes, I know they're the defending race winners, and I know that all they've done with the driver lineup was add NASCAR and Australian V8 Supercar star Marcos Ambrose (originally a contingency plan for Oswaldo Negri's bike accident injury, now just another crazy fast driver in a team full of them), so putting them down a notch from the top couple of teams seems silly...but hang with me. We haven't talked about those top-3 yet. Odds - 12 to 1.

Holy Smokes, Did You See That Driver Lineup?

#2 Starworks with Alex Popow Ford/Riley - I mean, seriously. Sebastian Bourdais, Ryan Dalziel and Allan McNish. Even rich guy Alex Popow is no slouch. And Starworks can win, as they proved to us in three different series last year (GrandAm, ALMS and the World Endurance Championship). If anybody is going to  challenge those guys that seem to always win this thing, it's this team. Go look at that driver lineup again. Good golly. Odds - 10 to 1.

Breaking News: Sun Rises In East

#01 and #02 Chip Ganassi Racing with Felix Sabates BMW/Rileys - I mean, this is broken record territory, right? And, yes, they didn't win last year, but until somebody can consistently dethrone Ganassi's guys, the #01 and #02 cars have to be the prohibitive favorites. And as if that wasn't enough, they went and swept the front row in today's qualifying session, with almost 0.6 seconds in hand over 3rd. Jeez. Mind you, I've put their odds lower than in past years, as a tip of the hat to the strength of the rest of the field, but any team who wants to win this thing has to go through Scott Pruett, Memo Rojas, Scott Dixon, Dario Franchitti, Charlie Kimball, Juan Pablo Montoya, Jamie McMurray and Joey Hand. That's just how it's got to be. Odds  - 4 to 1 (both).

There you have it. No, I won't take your bets. But, yes, I'll be watching along with you and soaking up the action from (hopefully) sunny Daytona. See you on Saturday afternoon.

Wednesday, January 23, 2013

2013 Daytona 24 Hours - GT Class Preview

With the GX class out of the way, we can start to get to the meat and potatoes of this year's Daytona 24 Hours. Now, you could take the obvious route and call the Daytona Prototypes the "meat" and the GT class the "potatoes", but if that's the case, this year's potatoes are definitely dressed up with all manner of butter, sour cream, chives, bacon bits, probably some barbecue brisket and maybe some sparklers for a little flair. Long, tortured metaphor out of the way, let's get to it. As with last year's preview, these odds won't add up, so spare the irate e-mails as to what an incompetent hack bookie I am. Oh, and since there are 36 cars entered, you'll have to forgive me if I don't quite hit every last car. I have a day job I need to sleep for, after all.

The Rabbits

#61 R.Ferri/AIM Motorsport Racing with Ferrari Ferrari 458 - This is essentially the team that rolled to last year's GrandAm GT championship. As a brand new car, the Ferraris didn't fare so well at Daytona, though one did score a 1-lap-down 5th in class, but with a full season of development under their belts, AIM Motorsport should have the reliability to back up their pace this year. With last year's GT co-champ Jeff Segal being joined by "Mad" Max Papis and factory Ferrari drivers Giancarlo Fisichella and Toni Vilander, this is the car to watch. Odds - 3 to 1.

#23 Alex Job Racing Porsche GT3 - Yeah, yeah. Porsche at Daytona. Yawn. What else ya got? I know, picking a Porsche, and an Alex Job Porsche at that, to run up front is about as exciting/surprising as a plate of steamed broccoli. Well, I like broccoli. And I also like Jeroen Bleekemolen, Damien Faulkner, Marco Holzer and Cooper MacNeil to get the job done. They're a podium lock. Fast enough to beat the Ferraris? Maybe, maybe not, but they'll be there at the end. Odds - 4 to 1.

#24 Audi Sport customer racing/AJR Audi R8 - After a semi-embarrassing debut year where the Audi R8s ran around seconds off the leader pace and finished 31st and 32nd in class, Audi is clearly not screwing around this year. They've returned with five R8s, with multiple Audi factory drivers in attendance. The one to keep an eye on (if you have to pick just one) is the one run by Alex Job Racing, and driven by Dion von Moltke and Audi DTM drivers Felipe Albuquerque, Oliver Jarvis and Edoardo Mortara. Good golly. The only way that lineup is any stronger is if Audi had rolled Walter Rohrl, Hans Stuck, Michele Mouton and Allan McNish out there as well. Odds - 5 to 1.

Just a Step Behind

#69 AIM Autosport Team FXDD with Ferrari Ferrari 458 - Team car to the #61, this one only loses out because of the lack of bespoke Ferrari factory drivers. Because otherwise, the lineup of Emil Assentato, Guy Cosmo, Anthony Lazzaro, Nick Longhi and Mark Wilkins is stout. Odds - 8 to 1.

#66 TRG Porsche GT3 - Yeah, like I was going to leave TRG out of the front group. They are ALWAYS there at the end, as evidenced by their 2nd and 7th places last year. It's just that those top few cars figure to be a tick quicker. Jorg Bergmeister, Dominik Farnbacher, Ben Keating and Kuno Wittmer will see to it that this car runs up front all day and all night. Wait. Why am I putting this nutty good driver lineup down in 5th? No matter. I have my reasons. I think. Odds - 9 to 1.

#59 Brumos Racing Porsche GT3 - Downgraded from semi-prohibitive favorites last year, due to a pretty rocky 2012 campaign, at least by Brumos' lofty standards. Having said that, Leh Keen, Andrew Davis, Marc Lieb, and Bryan Sellers is just about as good as it gets for a Porsche lineup. Well, except for maybe the couple of Porsches I listed above. Odds - 9 to 1.

#13 Audi Sport Customer Racing / Rum Bum Racing Audi R8 - The Audis have gotten faster from last year. This car has Audi factory guys Markus Winklehock and Frank Biela. That's a quick combo. Odds - 10 to 1.

#44 Magnus Racing Porsche GT3 - Essentially last year's returning Daytona 24 Hours winning squad. Why down this far? Only because I think a couple of the teams above (Brumos, TRG) had some bad breaks last year, a couple of the teams/cars (the Ferraris, the Audis) have vastly improved, and Magnus feels like they could be in for a bad break or two after last year's nearly flawless run. Odds - 10 to 1.

#67 TRG Porsche GT3 - Emmanuel Collard and Romain Dumas are the very fast Porsche factory guys. Nic Jonsson is the other very fast guy. Tracy Krohn is the rich (but still pretty fast) guy. They're one very fast guy short. Odds - 10 to 1.

#93 Turner Motorsports BMW M3 - The BMWs are always pretty quick, even though they are essentially a sedan running against supercars. Will they last, though? If they do, this is the faster one, with the ever present (and fast) Bill Auberlen, Michael Marsal, Gunter Schaldach and BMW factory drivers Maxime Martin and Andy Priaulx. Odds - 12 to 1.

Not Gonna Happen This Year

#03 Extreme Speed Motorsports Ferrari 458 - The Ferrari is fast. Scott Sharp and Johannes van Overbeek are proven winners. The rest of the driver lineup are not. Odds - 15 to 1.

#51 & #52 Audi Sport Customer Racing / APR Motorsport LTD UK Audi R8s - APR ran an R8 for a good chunk of 2012, with little success. This crew will likely have some more good runs later in the year, but I have a hard time believing these cars will be able to keep up with the group above. Odds - 20 to 1 (both).

#57 Stevenson Motorsports Chevrolet Camaro - Last year's championship runners up have returned with the lone Camaro left in the field. The Camaro is a brick. Daytona does not like bricks. Especially when there are so many other cars which will be faster. Odds - 25 to 1.

#63 & #64 Scuderia Corsa Ferrari 458s - Have I mentioned that the Ferraris are fast? Yes? OK, have I mentioned that there are Ferrari lineups that I trust more than a bunch of semi-obscure Italians and semi-obscure Brazilians (plus Rafa Matos)? No? OK. Now I have. Odds - 25 to 1 (both).

The Field

Yeah, any preview that only touches on 16 of the 36 entered cars could be called "incomplete", "inadequate", or just plain lazy (especially since I didn't even touch the Porsche that Tony Kanaan and Rubens Barrichello are sharing, or the Dodge Viper that's showed up again, or EITHER of Boris Said's rides). Whatever. I don't care. The winner is coming from those 16 cars above. Odds - 50 to 1.

Once again, your GT class odds. 100% accurate or your money back.

Tuesday, January 22, 2013

2013 Daytona 24 Hours - GX Class Preview

As I tackled last year, I'm taking a stab at putting together a few thoughts for all of our Blogathon fans (and those of you who hate us but still follow along, for whatever reason), in order for everybody to be better acquainted with our central event (and no, I don't mean the middle of the night screening of Kart Racer, though that is bound to be awesome with all of its Quaid-ness). This year's Daytona 24 Hour race has an extra class, so that's where we'll kick things off this week.

GrandAm's new GX class, from everything I've heard, is poised to be a potential showcase for car manufacturers to come show off new technology that they can't otherwise run in GrandAm, be that in Daytona Prototype, the Rolex GT class, or anywhere in the Continental Tire Sports Car Challenge. The initial list of eligible vehicles did, in fact, include a couple of cars that have something "different" about them, but the vast majority of them did not. All of that head scratchiness aside, let's take a look at who is actually racing at Daytona.

The New Tech

The Speedsource Mazda6 Skyactive-Ds - Most sports car (and past Blogathon) fans will know Sylvain Tremblay's Speedsource team as the long-time Mazda stalwarts who won the GT class in 2010. Up to now, they've run the ubiquitous rotary-engined RX-8s, but with rotary engines falling out of favor in these times of fuel efficiency consciousness, Mazda has discontinued production of the RX-8, and started to focus on other technologies. Enter the new Mazda6, with its optional Skyactiv-D turbo diesel. Like Audi before it, Mazda has made the decision to make diesels go fast, and so the RX-8s have been re-skinned as Mazda6s, and the new engine shoehorned into the spot where the rotary once lived. Speedsource has brought three of these cars to Daytona, with a variety of teams of varying driver experience. The #25 car has a varied lineup, highlighted by Tom Long, who co-drove with Patrick Dempsey to 3rd in GT in the 2011 Daytona 24 Hours. The #00 car is littered with young drivers from Mazda's Road to Indy ladder, with Joel Miller, Tristan Nunez, Spencer Pigot, and last year's Indy Lights champion, Tristan Vautier (for the rare "Double Tristan"). The flagship #70 car sports last year's full time GrandAm drivers Tremblay and Jonathan Bomarito, plus IndyCar driver James Hinchcliffe and "I'll drive anything fast guy" Marino Franchitti. The diesel 6s will be very interesting to watch.

The Old Tech

The Porsche Caymans - Puzzlingly, GrandAm has allowed the already race-worn Porsche Cayman into the GX class, even with a larger transplanted 3.8 liter engine. This is hardly new tech, but I guess you have to have something to boost class numbers, huh? There are three Caymans entered, the potentially strongest of which has a driver lineup that includes Nelson Canache, longtime sports car drivers Jim Norman and Shane Lewis, and multiple Daytona Prototype race winner David Donohue. Oh, and this car was the fastest at the Roar Before the 24 preseason test, in almost every single session. Game, set, match.

The Winner?

This one's easy. The Mazdas are brand new, and bound to hit reliability issues (as they also did in pre-season testing, too), even with their STACKED driver lineups. The Porsches are, well, Porsches, and this is Daytona, where Porsches are always good. Among the three Porsches, only one has drivers of the talent level of a Shane Lewis or a David Donohue. Ergo, the #16 Napleton Racing Porsche Cayman is going to take the inaugural GX class race win. If you can find a bookie desperate enough to make odds on a class that is barely faster than the Continental Tire Sports Car Challenge GS class, bet the house on the Napleton car. Really. No, seriously. Maybe. (All bets placed at the reader's discretion. Author not to be held responsible for mortgages or children lost by using author's recommendations. Seriously, don't come break my legs if the #16 car doesn't win.)

Blogathon is Limerick Time!

(Be sure to check out our Blogathon 2013 schedule of events and our annual podcast.)

During Blogathon a few years ago, while in a sleep-deprived state of doughnut and racing bliss, I typed up a quick limerick. Since then I've added a few each year. So this year, I'd like to invite others to join in. Feel free to submit your own limericks or give me racing names/topics to use in my stupid poems. I may not know anything about racing, but I'm an expert at semi-mediocre writing!

Here are a few blasts from Blogathons past:

When a man's name is Freddy Poordad,
You would think he could not be more sad.
But I gave him a beer,
Then ol' Fred filled with cheer,
And, oh, what a night we sure had!


We've all heard of Allan McNish,
The man who ate off a big dish
'Til the dish fell and broke,
Causing Allan to choke
On the tartar sauce from his McFish.


There once was a man named Scott Pruett
With more gum than he knew what to do with.
He had so many packs,
He had piles, he had stacks,
But no teeth, so no way he could chew it!

Monday, January 21, 2013

Blogathon 2013 Preview Podcast

Click here for the Blogathon 2013 schedule of events.

Here is our annual podcast, previewing this year's Blogathon. Let us know if you plan to play Mario Kart or watch Kart Racer with us.

Saturday, January 19, 2013

Blogathon 2013 Schedule

Our annual Blogathon Preview Podcast is now available. Wedge and/or SpeedGeek may be posting some racing thoughts later in the week.  For now, here is a schedule of events to watch on television and chances to interact with us throughout Blogathon 2013.

This year's features include another round of Mario Kart as well as a screening of Kart Racer (2003).  To participate in Mario Kart (10:00 p.m.), post a comment here or contact us during Blogathon with your Wii ID so we can add you to the game.  This is a fun event each year and one of the highlights of the 24 hours for me.  If you want to watch Kart Racer (1:00 a.m.) with me as I live-blog, see the end of this post for details.

Here is an updated schedule.

All times are Eastern. Last updated on 1/19/13.

Saturday, January 26

3:00 p.m.

Rolex 24 at Daytona (SPEED)
Northwestern at Nebraska (ESPNU)
PGA Golf (CBS)
Figure Skating Championships (NBC)

4:00 p.m.

Winter X Games: Snowboarding (ABC)
Oklahoma at Kansas (ESPN)
Western Kentucky at MTSU (ESPN2)
New Mexico at San Diego State (NBCSports)

5:00 p.m.

Vanderbilt at Missouri (ESPNU)
UFC Prelims (FX)

6:00 p.m.

Temple at Butler (ESPN2)

7:00 p.m.

North Carolina at North Carolina State (ESPN)
USC at Arizona (ESPNU)
Bulls at Wizards (WGN)

8:00 p.m.

UFC (Fox)
Figure Skating Championships (NBC)
Florida at Mississippi State (ESPN2)

9:00 p.m.

Winter X Games: Snowboarding, skiing (ESPN)
High school basketball: Simeon vs. Whitney Young (ESPNU)

10:00 p.m.

Australian Open Women's Final (ESPN2 - not live)
Boxing (Showtime)

10:30 p.m.

BYU at Portland (ESPNU)

11:00 p.m.

Live Mario Kart Wii
SPEED race coverage ends for the night. Visit to watch online.

Sunday, January 27

1:00 a.m.

Kart Racer screening/live-blogging

3:00 a.m.

Australian Open Men's Final (ESPN2)

9:00 a.m.

Race coverage returns (SPEED)

1:00 p.m.

Heat at Celtics (ABC)
Michigan State at Indiana (CBS)

2:00 p.m.

Winter X Games: Skiing, snowboarding (ESPN)

3:00 p.m.

PGA Golf (CBS)

3:30 p.m.

Thunder at Lakers (ABC)

4:00 p.m.

Race coverage ends

Beyond Blogathon

Florida State at Miami (6:00/ESPN), Hawks at Knicks (6:30/ESPN), NFL Pro Bowl (7:00/NBC), Creighton at Southern Illinois (8:00/ESPNU), Wild at Blues (8:00/NBCSports), Winter X Games (9:00/ESPN)

Kart Racer is currently available on both YouTube and Hulu. We'll be using Hulu and will coordinate an exact start time after Mario Kart.

Mike's Wii code: 5371-1277-8691 (Furious). Find me @MikeGBSports before 10:30 p.m. EST to give me yours.

Tuesday, January 1, 2013

Blogathon 2013 Movie: Kart Racer (2003)

If you have followed along with our annual Blogathons, you may remember that I introduced a new feature last year when I watched the Stallone gem "Driven" for the first time. Keeping this tradition going, we have settled on the 2003 flick "Kart Racer" for this year. At some point in the middle of the night during this year's Blogathon, we will gather on Google Hangouts and discuss what is sure to be another cinematic masterpiece. As Blogathon gets closer, we'll post links to use if you want to watch the movie with us.

The dates for this year's Rolex 24 at Daytona are January 26-27. Over the next few weeks, we'll be posting our schedule and our annual preview podcast. Like always, feel free to send us any suggestions you may have to help make it a fun weekend.