Sunday, January 29, 2023

Weekend Update

 Well, as expected it was a busy weekend, and I ended up spending a few hours yesterday working on some music that I had to finish. To be fair, I also made an edit of the Cujo trailer, replacing all of the Cujo scenes with my dog. But I did watch a couple of hours of the race last night too.

Mainly I just wanted to note that, while I didn't get to screen a bad sports movie (hopefully next year!) this weekend, this blog will be with me in spirit in a little while, since one of the things I need to do for our podcast today is to watch THIS thing:

I mean, it's a bad Christmas movie, but also... a karate movie is kind of a sports movie, right? Look, Christmas + karate + Eric Roberts... I might need to break out the Abita after all.

I'm at least watching the end of the race while getting some actual work stuff done before I suffer through kung fu Christmas or whatever.

Looking forward to hopefully getting back into the flow around here in the future!

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