Saturday, January 30, 2010

And now for something completely different:

...for those who love drama, there's sport.

So I've been geeked that IFC has been showing Monty Python's Flying Circus lately, because the Pythons are totally awesome and when you remember that this show was made back in the late '60s and early '70s, it just makes you want to drone on and on in long run-on sentences like this one.

I mention this because I felt like I needed to chime in again and grab back a bit of the spotlight, what with all of these other bloggers blogathoning about stuff that people care about, like racing.

Oh, before I forget, you all really should be spending money you don't actually have on an iRacing subscription. I used to be one of those people who couldn't understand what the attraction was about type-of-car-racing-X or type-of-car-racing-Y, but then I started racing on iRacing and gosh, what a revelation. Currently I am licensed to drive scads of different types of race cars and there are only a couple I really can't stand to drive (the worst of them is the new Silver Crown car... apparently there's no way to make that car appealing even in the fantasy land of simulation). The other neat thing is that a lot of the folks you are seeing right now on the SPEED standings crawl also race online.

Oh, and I apologize to the one person out there who might wonder where I am later tonight (and to be fair, I think that person is a figment of my imagination). I will be at the Phoenix Coyotes vs. New York Rangers game because it's Teppo Numminen night. Jersey retirement FTW!

Next snack: Love Potion 31 ice cream from Baskin Robbins. Obesity never tasted so divine.

And yes, I posted this largely to push Jeff "My Name is IRL" Iannucci's post further down the page. Call me a traitor, willya??

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PipSTA said...

Is that how it's going to go then, you lot trying to push each other off the top spot for no good reason?

As of last year, very good so far. Don't know how much longer I'll manage tonight, and I'll have to miss the roundtable due to sleep, but I'll try to be up 8.00 tommorow (I manage that every weekeday, and it's late, really) to be with you when a Briton goes for a grand slam for the first time in, what, 70 few years?

Iannucci said...

And to think, Tony, I shook your hand at a Coyotes game last week. You are such a total Judas.

If you weren't a good writer I think I'd be inclined to publish that extremely personal video of you and Anne Proffit.

Tony Johns said...

Do yer worst - I still have that incriminating photo of you I can send to pressdog.

You know... the one of you drinking... NEAR BEER! *music sting*