Saturday, January 30, 2010


Mario Kart was fun! Even with some connection issues. But that's normal I think. Was great to race Actual Real People, and not only that but people who's names I've seen on the internet!

And then Actual People I've Seen on TV turned up in the chatroom and that sort of blew me away. Not used to that. IndyCar really does have a great close-knit community.

Not that I understood 85% of the references in the chatroom (that's why I was so quiet) but that's not the point, and I'm a furriner.

I think we'll have to do this again near to Indy... or Le Mans.

I'm off for some sleep because I'm not hardy enough to do the full 24hrs when I have work on Monday - hopefully I'll be about in a few hours so perhaps I'll post more then. I do know I'll miss the end of the blogathon because I'm off to see Avatar 3D - so have fun with it!

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The SpeedGeek said...

Bewildered covers it for me, too! PCap and Lindy stopping by was kind of surreal. But it was all a lot of fun.

Oh, and now you know how I feel around the Sidpodcasters. Great group, and I enjoy hanging out there when I can, but there's a lot I'm just not in on. Not being a Brit and not being a regular will do that, but that's OK.

Enjoy tomorrow! We will be!