Sunday, January 31, 2010

'Geeky Thoughts - Hour 21

Hey, all. I figured that it was time to weigh in with some random randomness on the race, now that I've had a chance to watch for a while and get caught up from last night. Well, not completely caught up. I'm actually still 8-9 minutes behind live on the DVR, but we'll call that close enough for now.

Firstly, hooray! I got a prediction right! I was skeptical of the reliability of the Dinan BMW for a 24 hour race, and in fact, one of the Ganassi cars did go "pop" overnight. I got one right! On the other hand, I've gotten basically all of my other predictions wrong. The other Ganassi car is on the lead lap, behind the "Not a Brumos" Porsche Riley. I did call it correctly that one of the Speedsource Mazdas would contend for the win in GT, but I called the wrong one there. The #69 car is out (I think) and the #70 leads the class. That's good to see, as Sylvain Tremblay deserves a good showing here after losing his wife just before last year's race.

What else? Not much to report, as there are still 3+ hours to go, and we're just settling in for things to start unfolding for the endgame. Big ups to everybody (Ron, Allen and International IndyCar Blogger Extraordinaire Shane Rogers) for covering everything last night, so that I didn't have to stay up to watch Roger Federer whoop up on Andy Murray. That sounds like it wasn't any fun at all, so good thing I retired to get an hour or two of sleep before Baby Speedgeek's 2:00 AM bottle. Also, big thanks to Furious Ron and Allen for hosting the star-studded (THE Lindy Thackston! Pat Caporali! A Surly Pressdog! A Combatative Declan Brennan! A Tweaked Out Roy Hobbson!) roundtable and IMKWF last night. That was an absolute blast, even though I was completely exposed in my 26 hour window of experience with Mario Kart Wii. At least my experience with Mario Kart 64 from '96 through '99 held me in good enough stead to run dead even with Dinosaur Boy, Ron's 6-year old son. You haven't seen the last of me, kid.

One more word of thanks: this one to Mrs. Speedgeek for picking up Donut Professor donuts on her way back from Walgreen's this morning. You're the best, honey.

OK, let's watch some racing.

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