Saturday, January 30, 2010

Geeky Thoughts - Hour 6

OK, I'll admit that this hasn't been my most avidly watched 24 Hours of Daytona. Between taking the dog for a walk in Hour 3 to running out for groceries and pizza ($10 each at Papa John's!) to dealing with changing diapers and whatever else that goes with having a baby around, I've probably watched about 45 minutes of the race so far. Oh, and I'll freely admit that trying to follow Twitter and everything going on here hasn't made things easy, either. It's all entertaining, but I spend less and less time, you know, watching the race.

That brings me to the race itself. Is it just me and all of my distractions, or has this been kind of a disjointed race so far? With the start under yellow, to the ensuing hour and change being run at reduced pace in the rain, to lots and lots of full course cautions, it just seems like weve been unable to get into a rhythm. That looks to be clearing up, with a good green stretch right now, but with coverage going off in about an hour, it hasn't been the most gripping race. That's OK, though. That's what tomorrow morning is for. It's hard to get too sucked into a race that still has 18+ hours to go.

OK, almost time for the roundtable. It's been fun here so far, and it'll continue to be fun with that and the IMKWF (see my earlier post) coming up. More soon!

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