Sunday, January 31, 2010

Odd Reflections at 2:13 AM

I cut my teeth on obscure 2:13 AM posts, and this feels like home. It feels right. I rather like Wedge’s House. Quite a bit, frankly. There are no rules here, and nobody’s censoring you — nobody’s demanding that you yank that shit down because incestuous dungeon rape isn’t funny. (Oh that takes me back.) But nevermind all that. It is beside the point.

And the point, I think, is this: if the Chat Session tonight revealed anything, it revealed that IndyCar is a painfully — almost impossibly — tight-knit community. (Oh, I’m sorry — that’s a touch too “sappy” for you, is it? Well fuck you. Go sappy that.) There may be only 178 of us, but so what? 178 genuinely delightful people are far better than 140 million assholes. And truth be told, I’m IN with those 140 million assholes. That’s who I roll with usually. It’s not pleasant, of course. It’s not a source of great pride. It just is. We’re rude & obnoxious & we will shatter your fucking skull should you cross us. That’s just the way it is outside these walls. I know these people. I AM These People.

And for whatever it’s worth, take pride in the fact that this little slice of Fandom we call IndyCar is NOT These People. It isn’t rude. Nor obnoxious. It’s quite the opposite, really, which shouldn’t amaze me at this point. Except when it still does.

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99forever said...

The best part is that, when this sport is back where it should be, this tight-knit little group will get to be all exclusionary and obnoxious like the other unwashed masses of which you speak.

Besides, what are you still doing up, Hobbson? Don't you have a wife and kids? Or do your uber-feminine sensitive ways keep you up at night?

Allen Wedge said...

man... this post had like more swearing and cussing than the entire history of FW combined before it, yet it might also be one of the most heartfelt things Roy has ever written...

J. SPIKE ROGAN said...

'We were just outside Bartow--when the drugs began to take hold.'

Fear & Loathing: On the 24 Hours of Daytona Chatroom, a savage journey to the American classic.

All you need to say about Asscar is Larry the Cable Guy. 'nuff said!