Sunday, January 31, 2010

The Final Hour is Upon Us!

So with one hour to go, Action Express's lead (Barbosa) over Ganassi (Pruett) is diminishing, but it just does not look like it'll be enough without a caution...? The difference is down to 52 seconds so its not impossible, but it'll take a LOT. Oddly enough we've had two cars go ablaze, one car running around on its rims, and somehow haven't gotten a caution... are we sure this series is run by the same people as NAS (debris caution) CAR?

In the GT class, it looks like Sylvain Tremblay and Nick Ham, along with Jonathan Bomarito in the car now, are taking this victory so long as the car continues to run. As Andy and I have both said, this is a great win for that team as Sylvain lost his wife just before last years race, and its not just Sylvain, she was an intergal part of that team, so while a win will never bring her back, at least this can be something very positive for them.

Its not the 4 cars within a second from last year, but its surely not without a storyline this year.

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Mike said...

You know else is diminishing? My root beer.

The SpeedGeek said...

Not diminishing? My Shiner sampler pack I picked up last night. Hello, Hefeweisen, my old friend.

99forever said...

I'm still here! Thanks for being such gracious hosts, guys.

Mike said...

I broke out the winter ale for the final stretch.