Saturday, January 30, 2010

I Like Sportscars... So Why Aren't I Riveted?

So I've got a beer glass that says 'Duff' on it. Oh yes. Here's my setup for this race. FW, the live feed, Tweetdeck is on the taskbar there, beer, snacks. Good stuff for an endurance race.

That said, I'm really having trouble getting my head into this race. I like long-distance racing but this one is not inspiring me.

I miss the LMP1 cars; there's no Radio Le Mans; have we even spoken to Dixon yet, you know, the man who led much of the race? What about Dario and Juan?

And there are too many commercials. And the track isn't inspiring in the slightest. Neither are the cars.

But apart from that its fine! The driver line-ups are varied and diverse and they are the big attraction for this event, it really is an eclectic mix you probably wouldn't see at other long-distance events - I can't understand why that isn't being made the most of by the TV crew.

One more thing... I'm just adding the tags to this post and in the list there's an entry for 'Hot Nude Sex'. I am not even going to ask why.

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Allen Wedge said...

haha dude you should have added it! its our effort to get more hits on google searches!

Declan said...

Big Man!

You are absolutely right and the fact that they haven't the stones to get Radio Le Mans involved is sad. But, there is always next year, watch this space.

It's a great event but it ain't Sebring.

Mike said...

Martin said...

What's the URL for the live feed? I can't find it and don't get SPEED. Thanks, Martin

Pat W said...

Allen: Fair enough, I added the tag!

Dex: Hope you guys make it next year. Are they just worried you'll tell it like it is? :)

Ron: Hah, I think I remember that now. (You don't want to know how many items I've got in my Google Reader)