Sunday, January 31, 2010

Getting ready to see the Fed demolish the Brit

Ok all,

It's 6:24pm here, and I'm stocked up for the next few hours to get you guys through the long night with all the news from the 24 Heures du Blog.

In the Daytona 24, former Indycar race winner Scott Pruett is in front 42.6 seconds from the Action Express Racing Porsche/Riley, who is in turn 20 seconds ahead of the Brian Frisselle Porsche/Riley, as we approach half distance.

More importantly, on this side of the world, we're getting ready for the Australian Open Tennis Men's final between Roger ("Ganassi") Federer and Andy ("Coyne") Murray.

The roof is closed at Melbourne Park now, but it will open, as the cool change and accompanying storms have blown through, and the temperature has dropped from 99 to 69 before I could down two coronas. I think they'll open the room as the rain is beginning to clear.

Jim Courier appeared on the Seven Network news bulletin here saying "it's going to be close but Federer wins on experience". All that proves is that Courier inhaled too much of the Yarra River water in Melbourne after he jumped in it following his win in the Australian Open, and it's obviously affected his brain.

Federer will *smash* Murray here. He'll eat him and spit him out. Leave him laps behind the leader. The office have the Fed at -196 here, and Murray at +160, and frankly, I'd be backing him off the map at that price.

Stay tuned, it'll be a demolition like you've never seen before. I love seeing whinging British people getting beat. :)

Meanwhile in the cricket, the Pakistanis are 6 for 171 after 42.5 overs. You know nothing about cricket, but what you need to know, is if they don't get 230, they'll lose, and they only have 30 minutes to do it. Stay tuned....

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