Sunday, January 31, 2010

And Then There Were Two? ... errr.. Four?

There's 4 hours to go so theres always plenty things that can happen, but have we already settled that Michael Shank Racing's #6 may already be out with 2 laps seperating them from 2nd and very few cautions flying in the race? So is it officially favorite vs. underdog, a sponsorless white car vs. the giant Target logo?

It looks like we're dealing with the same kind of situation in the GT class where its either going to be a TRG repeat or Mazda SpeedSource's return back after a year's absence; which prsonally I, and many other people would love to see, if not only for the Mazda RX-8 but also as some kind of good for Sylvain Tremblay, who lost his wife last year just before last year's 24 Hour race. Plus he and Nick Ham are just great drivers in general, not to mention beating the odds of TRGs many, many entries.

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Mike said...

Yeah but did you see that closet organizer commercial?

Declan said...

You do realise that the Mazdas and BMW's are space/tube frame cars and not GT's at all? While the Porsche's are production GT cars.

It's a testament to Porsche that they are as close to the Mazdas as they are.

Allen Wedge said...

I do realize, and agree you are correct. However, when it comes to Grand-Am, I'm just looking for good racing, because we all know that technology isn't not even a remote interest.