Sunday, January 31, 2010

Burger King High School Skills Challenge

These guys are throwing a football to a moving target depicting the Burger KING.

Seriously. The announcers are doing play-by-play about a kid throwing to the Burger King.

Now the obstacle course and this is cool. They let a kid who just completed his Marine training run first. He timed 36 seconds in boots. The first football kid did about 27 seconds. Michael Taylor, a LB headed to Tennessee, just did it in 26.9 seconds. Storm Johnson, a Miami RB recruit, went last. He got fancy and flipped at the end, costing him a half-second and the title.

They should make a guy dressed as the Burger King run this course.

They just interviewed Taylor after he won and told him how much Lane Kiffin was anticipating his arrival at Tennessee. Kind of old, huh? (Taylor predicted he will be a freshman All-American and that Tennessee will win the SEC.)

OK, I'm putting the race back on and cooking some beer brats.

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