Saturday, January 30, 2010

Stopping the epidemic of bull puns

If you haven't yet heard, Professional Bull Riders CEO Randy Bernard is set to take over the same job with the Indy Racing League next week (you can read the details over at With that in mind, I'm preparing for a deluge of bull puns to fly amongst the blogosphere and mainstream media.

Now, I have been guilty. When word broke that Bernard had accepted the position, my lede on the blog post utilized the phrase "It's no bull." But much like ragging on Lady Gaga for her outfits and slagging the Detroit Lions for being, well, the Detroit Lions, it's too damn easy.

Folks, we're better than this. Stay away from the bull puns. If you have to, put five bucks in a jar for every one you use in the next week when you write about Bernard and his exploits with the PBR.

It won't be easy and it may make us all poor in the end, but I know we will overcome.

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1 comment:

The SpeedGeek said...

I just think it's fortunate that Mr. Bernard wasn't the CEO of the Professional Donkey Riders group.

Am I rite? Huh?

OK, Chris, you win.