Friday, January 29, 2010

Furious Wedge 2010 Blogathon Preview

[I recently posted a collection of thoughts from New Orleans Saints fans about the team going to the Super Bowl. If you missed that and are interested, be sure to check it out here.]

Blogathon is almost here. We are about 24 hours away from the 24 hours of madness. And while Wedge got caught up in a crazy work day, I was awarded a snow day (or as I like to call it, a Pre-Blogathon Day).

So this is why I am bringing you our Blogathon preview post. If you check back later, Wedge may be changing this up and fixing it, but I'm going to try to give you the important info.

First of all, thanks to Will from Is It May Yet? for our wonderful logo here!

Again for anyone who is new this year, its simple and fun. From the start of the TV coverage of the 24 Hours of Daytona race, till the end of that race, we blog (some live blogging about race, a LOT of random crap about anything), chat, twitter, and new this year will be a live-chat roundtable, and Mario Kart Wii! Participation is much encouraged, and this year we are also giving the keys to FW over to several motorsports bloggers (see below) who will also be posting, chatting and more throughout the 24-1/2 hour period.

The event covers anything even remotely related to sports (or not) happening during the race, to also general random stuff that gets posted. Below are the main events taking place that you'll want to know, followed by a list of all of the guys invited to join us, and then a comprehensive list of other things happening this weekend and some useful links for anyone who will be joining us on our quest.

Furious Wedge 2010 Blogathon: Main Events

--Daytona 24 -- SpeedTV 3pm ET-10pm ET

--Motorsports/IndyCar Blogger Roundtable Live Chat (participants below)-- 9pm ET

--Live Mario Kart Wii (will keep chat box open during this)-- 10pm ET

Add us to your friends list and then just find us online:

Wedge = 2192-8881-7770
Furious = 2665-3459-4828

--Australian Open Final (Murray vs. Federer) -- 3:30am ET

--Daytona 24 TV coverage resumes -- Speed TV 7am ET-finish

Potential Guest Bloggers/Roundtable Participants

Roy Hobbson – Silent Pagoda
Andy Miller – Speedgeek
Jeff Iannucci – MyNameIsIRL
Bill Zahren – Pressdog
James Black – 16th and Georgetown
Will McCarty – IsItMayYet?
Patrick Wotton – Too Much Racing
George Phillips – Oil Pressure
Paul Dalbey- Planet IRL
Tony Johns - Pop Off Valve

Expanded TV listings for all things sports that fall in the 24 hours!

Daytona 24 - Speed TV
PGA Farmer's Insurance Open - CBS
Skiing Nature Valey Freestyle Cup - NBC

NCAA Kentucky/Vanderbilt - ESPN
Winter X Games - ESPN 2
NCAA Youngstown State/Cleveland State - ESPNU

PBR Bull Riding - NBC

NCAA Notre Dame/Rutgers - ESPN2
NCAA Charlotte/Massachusetts - ESPNU

NCAA Kansas/Kansas State - ESPN

NCAA Pacific/UC (Riverside) - ESPN2
NCAA Providence/Cincinnati - ESPNU
PBR Bull Riding - Vs.

Winter X Games - ESPN

Australian Open Women's Final - ESPN2 (replay)
NCAA Hawaii/Nevada - ESPNU
UFC 107 - Spike

NBAD-League Bakersfield/Idaho - Vs.

Australian Open Men's Final - ESPN (live)

Daytona 24 - Speed TV

Winter X Games - ESPN
Motorcross: AMA Supercross in San Francisco - CBS

NHL Red Wings/Penguins - NBC

NBA Spurs/Nuggets - ABC
NCAA Tennessee/Florida - CBS
PBA Bowling - ESPN2
High School Football Skills Competition - ESPNU
PGA Farmer's Insurance Open - Golf

NCAA Manhattan/St. Peter's - ESPNU

PGA Farmer's Insurance Open - CBS
NCAA Women Purdue/Iowa - ESPN2

Interesting events post-Blogathon...

NBA Lakers/Celtics - ABC

Winter X Games - ESPN2

NFL Pro Bowl - ESPN

[Note: There are various highlight specials going on throughout Saturday night and Sunday morning, in addition to taped events. Oh and fishing on Sunday morning. Don't forget that.]

Lots of Links!

Twitter-feed(list) of all drivers in the Daytona 24 Hours

Official Daytona 24 entry list

qualifying results

X-games - What to Watch For

Have I missed anything? Let us know!

I can't wait. Hopefully many of our readers will be joining us throughout the weekend. And now, I will leave you with this picture to prove I may be snowed in, but the weekend shall be great:

(If you have a good eye, you'll see our podcast commercial worked, encouraging me to add two Whatchmacallits. You may also have figured out that my four- and six-year-old are just as excited about Blogathon/all-night-Mario-Kart-party as I am.)

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The SpeedGeek said...

Gentlemen, we have a competitor/copycat:

I gave this my Official Speedgeek "Jimmy Spencer Memorial" Slow, Disapproving Head Shake.

In other news, I am officially geeked for the weekend. My apologies to Press Dog there. I'm looking forward to what the Blogger word verification filter is going to throw our way this year.

Pat W said...

Awesome. I have officially never heard of anything in your list other than Daytona and the Australian Open, or anything in your stash of food (apart from Kettle Chips which bizarrely includes the word 'brand' in the US it seems, as if we didn't know it was a brand. And bananas. I know what bananas are.).

This is like a whole new language.

In other news, I'll now be annoying you Saturday afternoon/evening after all as my film (movie) plans were deferred to Sunday.
Speedgeek: You can't seriously question snooker and darts as sports if you guys consider riding a bull to be a professional sport? I mean, really..

Mike said...

Are they really riding bulls? I thought that was a metaphor for something cool.

And while the carrots and celery may be hard to see, do you guys really not have Oreos?? And I'm sure you don't have Anytizers... but you should! We have unofficially renamed them "3:00am-tizers."

Pat W said...

Ah I missed the Oreos, yeah they arrived here a little while ago.. I haven't actually tried them yet! No idea what Anytizers are.
I've got a pizza, noodles, Kitkats, Digestives, beer and JD.. although I can't do the 24hours full-on.

With regards to being able to watch Daytona... I hope our friend Justin is coming!

Small request... my name is spelled 'Wotton'.. ;-)